Iron Club Methodology

Fire Rises…

When I get asked about the I/C’s Methods, it’s easy to get bogged down. Because if you’re not following the Program and you find the site on the wrong day, you could find things a little confusing. There is not a lot of online referening for the stuff we do besides our Training Log and our Video Library. Does it make shit hard if you follow abroad? Yeah, sometimes. Does it make it impossible? Nah, not at all. I’ve had people follow us all over the country and actually in a couple other countries.

But where does it all come from? Whats the science? What’s this, what’s that, etc, etc….
I’ve heard it all. This Log section isn’t gonna break down the tiny details for you. If you truly want to understand the Program then do the Program.

What I will do is give you a bit of the “Where does it all come from.”
I’m not sure of the exact date but I want to say it was around the spring of 2007 that I started to play with what I found on It worked great, I got fitter, stronger, faster, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure you’ve all heard the success stories of how it changed peoples lives.
But as you can tell between 2007 and today something has changed. Why did I change?

Well honestly in my mind I really didn’t. I just wanted something else. The Program still has roots in Crossfit, you can still see the same named workouts and and rep schemes that Greg Glassman has put out for the world to see.

What changed was my view of training. Just like when I changed my previous conceptions of how to train athletes when I found Crossfit, the more I looked into areas to improve my Crossfit program the more doors that opened to me. Mostly my infectious love of Barbells and Kettlebells was what lead me down this path of “DamNation.”
I pretty much wanted to lift heavy things, I wanted to do it on the Reg and I wanted to do it in complex challenging ways. So I went looking.

What did I find? I found WestSide Barbell, John Scheaffer’s GreySkull S&C, I found Smolov Russian volume training. You know there is a fuckload of information out there if you just go looking. I also dove head first into Heavy Kettlebelling. And the more I looked into things like this the more I realized some of the things I had told myself to unlearn when I started Crossfiting might actually reapply to it. Old school gym routines from my High School Strength Coach (an accomplished powerlifter) started to come back into my mind. I started researching Bulgarian methods of Olympic weightlifting and Jim Wendler concepts. I’d spend some time following Crossfit Football to understand the application of heavy metcons on a group and the responses of mixing that with additional kettlbell work. My knowledge grew on all these subject, but I still found myself wanting more.

The further down the rabbbit hole I went the more the Clubs program changed, the more it started to take on a life on its own. In late 2009 the first Official Loading phase began for the Program. My brother and I simply referred to it as “Cycling.”
I know Cycling isn’t a new term, I’m not trying to coin it or say I came up with it fuckers.
It’s just what we called it when it first started which later lead to what we officially labeled our training Loading Phases, Caliber Cycling.
Fuck off bitches, now CC, that is an original Filer term.

Each Loading phase is 3-6 weeks and is followed by Deloading. For the most part, the intensity and frequency of metcons increases with Deloading. The main focus during Loading Phases is heavy Periodization lifting.
Or at Least it was…

Just like I found Crossfit which subsequently lead me to an amazing wealth of knowledge in other areas, those other areas in turn lead me to yet another turning point for the Club.

Girevoy Sport

The Russian Sport of Kettlebell lifting. I had fully commited to kettlebells as a huge staple of my training when GS was introduced to me. I didn’t think the concept sounded so hard. Snatch, Jerk or Long Cycle(Clean and Jerk). The sets were 10 minutes and you couldnt set the bells down. For all my strength through weight training and all my intensity and endurance through Crossfit training my first experience with GS smashed me. I couldnt understand. I could put a 106# kettlebell over my head for 18 reps at the time but was laid to waste by a pair of 53# bells.

After contact with my Coach who originally taught me kettlebelling, Jeff Martone, I found myself applying for a Elite Kettlebell Sport Camp in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The trip would change my life. I suddenly had validation for going further outside the box. Everything changed.

The way I looked at the Barbell changed because of Russia. The way we breathed during metcons changed because of Russia. Goal heart rates changed. Lactate release level during training changed. I now obsess about tempo of lifts. Durations of lifts. Complexity of lifts through the utilization of complexes. The positive and negative benefits of certain time under tension techniques. The funny thing though is that none of this has a directed correlation with what I learned from the World Champions and Masters of sport in Russia. What Russia did was simply opened my eyes to how the human brain and body will respond to workout induced stress.

Things came full circle everything I’d learned from my years of practical research could be placed in a big beautiful melting pot. Lift heavy shit fast or do it light and repetitive but do so with the desired speed to accomplish the training goal. Keep metcon workout durations into lower time domains with a rest recover option to extend out training session for larger work capacity. Constantly challenge skeletal loading through fixation and slower durations of lifts. Force your breathing to lower your heart rate in states of high duress and do so with a purpose. Train the movements so they become flawless and second nature. Do this and you will find yourself on the path. 

This new approach took what we still fondly call Caliber or CC in the Club and saw it evolve. The Program itself became Organic, it grew. Those involved with it grew. The level and complexity of it has become ever changing. In the pursuit to tailor a program for all the needs of those involved we found all you truly need is a common single thread. Take the thread and splinter it with RedNose Options and the program gains Depth.

Splintering the thread is what allows for the common yet multi purpose programming I have come to call Depth Training.

Our training will make ready those looking to prepare for Sport. What area of sport you chose is your own Crossfit, Kettlebell Sport, competitive lifting, running, rowing, wrestling, etc. The program is not solely for those purposes though. Mothers, Police officers and Military professionals can benefit from it as well. The tools are all on here to obtain any goal your set towards, you just have to have the desire.
The following is the best way to try and define Depth Training.

A fully Organic Multi Dimensional Program.

You could read this mini history as many times as you like but your never gonna truly understand what we do by reading it. You have to get your hands dirty to get it, your gonna have to take it to the mattresses. That’s the base of Iron Club Methodology.

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  1. What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to contribute & help other users like its aided me. Great job.

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