October 8th Deloading

Joint Prep

3 Rounds

7 x Stiff Legged Deadlift 75/55
7 x Hang Full Cleans
7 x Power Jerk

*Rounds are to be performed Unbroken
*All Hang Cleans are to be pulled from just below the knee

*Rest 30 Seconds Between Efforts


3 x 2 Minute Rounds

1 Minute Max One Arm Long Cycle Right/Switch/1 Minute Max One Arm Long Cycle Left

*Rest 2 Minutes Between efforts

*Post Bell weight used for each round to comment


3 Rounds

Row 500 Meters
30 DU’s
15 Jerks 115/75

*Post time to complete to comment

Cool Down

3×2 Armbar Stretch R/L


Perform 25 Strict Pullups in as few sets as possible

*Post Number of Sets to comment
*SupportWork is not mandatory and is dependent on level of Recovery 

Notes from Coach – We will be beginning a new Mesocycle of training this week. Now this is different then the 3 to 4 week Mirocycles we recognize as “Edition Cycles.”  No this will be a extended period of weeks not nailed down with a fixed “Cycle” title. To be clear, this phase of training will not be any less demanding then a traditional Cycle. I will simple not follow the same driven path the dedicated Cycles usually do. If you are hoping for success in our next training phase take care of yourself. If you not sure the best approach to this email me at oldcountrystrong@gmail.com.

Finding time for it all…
Old Country Strong: “How Bad do you want to be Successful…”

42 Responses to “October 8th Deloading”

  1. Red Tiger Says:


    JP – Done
    KBC – 53
    WOD – 11:55

  2. JP – Done

    KLBC – 53

    WOD – Not really sure here. There was a little waiting and whatnot. My goal was to just keep moving. I did 3X singles instead of DU. My second set of Jerks was 10/5. Not sure why I dropped…must have been the Skrillex playing with my mind.

    And to that point. Sorry for my spontaneous outburst against Skrillex this morning. It’s not that I’m again Skrillex in general. I’m sure that after two tabs of X and a night filled with Red Bull, it probably sounds great. However, at 6AM, it sounds a lot like cats fucking on an electronic keyboard.

    Yes, I know, I’m old. In my day we listened to music filled with rage and testosterone. (And, I’m not talking about Journey which Linx insists on squatting to…) Metallica, Danzig, Dropkick Murphys…you get the idea. I will chalk Skrillex up to some advice Zach offered a long time ago. “OCIC is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable”. Perhaps this is just part of our training because when the zombies come, I’m sure they will be playing SKrillex.

    • Your right Jim….

      You are old, I totally agree

      Not as old as Terry though, that guy orders off the Seniors menu at Dennys.

  3. JP Did muscle cleans instead of full

    KBC 70KB

    WOD 15:55, subbed a low box jump for DUs

    SupportWork Yes

    CD No ran out of time

  4. Vacation Workout Log

    Day 1: Tuesday, 10/2
    200 Air Squats
    Couple Minute Break
    100 Pushups w/20 DU’s every time I broke plank – rough

    Day 2:
    4 hours of Kite Boarding

    Day 3:
    2 Dives in the am and a pm Swim WOD 
    3 Rounds
    50m swim
    25 push ups

    Day 4:
    Another 2 dives in the am followed by a pm WoD
    Tried a 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 unbroken DU and Butterfly sit up flight w/a 20min cut off.  Disaster. After about 10 min trying to get the set of 30 DU’s, I stopped and just did “Annie”… slowly…

    Day 5:
    150 burppies & 150 sit ups

    Day 6:
    AM snorkeling followed by a pm swim wod x 2
    Swim wod 1: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of Bench dips and air squats w/ 100m swim between each set. 
    Swim wod 2: 3 rounds of 100m swim, 10 in-n-outs, 50 air squats. 

    Today – Day 7: Travel home

    Ate pretty damn clean and kept the boozing under control (respectively). 

    Looking forward to getting back and starting the mesocycle tomorrow. 

  5. JP: Done
    KBC: @53# 12/12 10/10 10/10
    WOD: didn’t catch the time – DU’s were choppy, but got them all.

  6. JP: done
    KBC: 70#. 9/8, 8/7, 8/7
    WOD: 18:49. Subbed 90 singles for du’s.

  7. JP-subbed hi pulls for my jerks
    KBC-53lb cleans. My form sucked!
    WOD- subbed 75lb bent row for the jerks
    CD-did the arm bars at home, had to get to a meeting.

    Felt really winded today! Mondays have not been my day to shine lately.

  8. JP done. Like this one
    KBC 53’s didn’t count or couldn’t. Just focused on breathing cycles.
    WOD 10:40 even though rowing isn’t my thing I really liked this wod. My quad is much better and my energy level is up. Thanks Roo for pushing me along 🙂
    CD done
    Support work 6/3/3/3/3/3/2/2

  9. JP – check.

    KBC – 53#. Third set got extra help (Z – “that looked so bad I had to get up from my desk”). Cleaning needs cleaned up.

    WOD – 15:10. Hard, but good. Jerks were much easier when breathing through them.

    SW – first set was four, then it was sets of 3, then 2, then a few singles to close it out. Felt good.

    CD – check.

  10. JP: Yes.

    KBC: 53#

    WOD: Sandbagged the first two rounds so I wouldn’t die. Died anyways.

    CD: Check.

  11. Taking a rest day today because yesterday consisted of this:

    jerk work, a lot of positioning drills with this one
    clean work, hang fulls and from the ground
    clean and jerk work
    work up to a heavy 1 rep clean and jerk… stopped at 165

    Muscle up work (yes with camille boys and yes there was plenty of talk about her slow motion video)
    Barbell Cycling work and talk about reps in competition and what not (lots of good info)
    WOD: 6 power cleans @ 125#, 10 chest to bar pullups, 6 power snatches @ 95#, 10 c2b pullups, 30 shoulder to overhead, 10 c2b pullups 4:04… pullups caught up to me :-/


    lots of nutrition talk, cns prep and warm up talk and i know i’m forgetting some other movement stuff

    final wod:
    deadlifts @185, hspu
    6minute time cap, made it to 4 deads in my set of 9, played it a little too safe on the hspu’s but i was freakin toast after the long days

    overall… AMAZING camp!!! awesome athletes and coaches!

  12. JP – done
    KBC – 35#
    WOD – subbed step-ups for DU’s due to foot recovery. first 10 jerks at 75#, rest at 55# due to sore wrists
    CD – 30# armbars
    SW – needed, but out of time.

  13. brandonnakamura Says:

    JP: Done
    KBC: 44# — spaced on my reps but kept moving nicely
    WOD: This beat me up. Clipped chin on a jerk, shoulder got funky. Jerks done at #75. Overhead barbell is not my strongest suit.
    CD: Done 35#

  14. Felled by a migraine today. 😦

  15. JP – I knew it was going to be a long day when I got winded doing this

    KBC- @53. First time doing long cycle in a long time. Thought I would try this one since it was short intervals. Didn’t count reps, focused on form and breathing. Will see how elbows feel tomorrow

    WOD- 12:33. 1st set of DU’s were horrible. 2nd was better and 3rd round was unbroken. All push jerks were unbroken. Felt like shit afterwards.

    SW- 10/8/7

    CD- no

  16. JP: Done , subbed pwr cleans for full and did clean pulls for jerks.
    KBC: @35#, went abotu 1:30 on my right and did cleans on my left the remaining time.

    WOD: Didn’t check what time I started, it was in the second heat. Tried my new fancy rope, still couldn’t get more than two DU in a row so just did 90 singles. 5:30 class was already going so figured that would be the quickest way to get done. Subbed bent over row @75# for jerks. They were pretty sloppy towards the end.

    CD: Done @35# first set, then 30#. Thanks Matty for remonding me to now be an idiot and to properly set the bell down!

  17. First day back from wisdom teeth surgery recovery period…all I can say is ROUGH.

    JP: done and this felt rough

    KBC: 35# comp bell. Felt good, but again winded and I can’t breathe and count at the same time, but felt consistent throughout and was constantly moving in every minute.

    WOD: 15:32. All DU’s unbroken. Rowing was insanely slow, and jerks were way harder than I anticipated. This was a swift kick in the ass multiple times during the wod…thought I’d hurl mid wod.

    CD: done, even the 25# felt effin heavy

    Marination post wod meal with some unexpected IC company. That food was amazing.

    • Impressive! Working out AND chewing food? I think both time I’ve had that surgery I was out for weeks. Look at you bouncing back!

      • Girl thanks, but it was ROUGH!!! And I am forcing the chewing of food down, worth the pain…missing my glorious meat! Otherwise I could always blend a burrito 😉

  18. JP: done.

    KBC: 53#. Focussed on a pace of 4-5 seconds/rep. Felt good.

    WOD: 14:30 but with 90 singles per set. All sets almost identical at 4:50

    SS: 5,3,2,2,2,1 then switched to chin ups 5,3,2

    CD: done with 35#.

  19. JP: Done

    KBC: 30# (LC weight for my team). Felt reasonably good.

    WOD: 16:58 w/o any rope work. Recovering from tight IT bands that did me in on my Saturday hike. Ice tonight. Kudos to those of you able to do the entire workout!

    Supp work: 6/3/3/3/3/2/2/2/1

    CD: Done w/15#

  20. Well after Wes’s first big I/C BBQ yesterday I feel like I drank a loaf of pumpkin bread. And by that I mean I think I consumed at least 10 pumpkin beers along with some other beverages, it was WAY to fucking hot for a October afternoon.

    I fully intended to start all the positive habits I talked about in my post but today was rough. Not enough food what so ever, I HAVE to get better about that. I also was pretty fuckin dehydrated and low on sleep. All bad thing, time to start correcting that shit. Stage 5 is over (except for saturday donuts I’m bring that back)

    JP – Felt super Janky, I love hang cleans but I was pulling very weird today it felt like and my wrist was pretty tight.

    KBC @ 88#s

    This was rough today. Just a little out of practice with the Bulldog for long cycle and the time under tension was less then awesome. Little more practice and I’ll be totally 5×5 for the One Hour Relay.

    WOD (Mule Edition @ 135#s)

    After some talking with Roo and B we decided I needed to challenge my Rowing a bit more. Again the goal in workouts is to challenge my strengths really emphasize where I’ll need to do work in a Team atmosphere.

    11:13 @ 135

    B told me he wanted me to try and hold around 1:40-1:45 splits. I went back to shotgun row on a 10 setting and it was a bad choice. I really should only ever use that setting for workouts in the 750-1k distance. Other then that it seems to burn me up. I Row my best intervals with a setting of 5. Need to be confident in that and stick to that.

    Other then fact that bad life choices the day before had me feeling like I was gonna puke my guts out in round 2 I was pretty happy with the workout flow. At 115 I would have just pushpressed out all my reps and had freshers legs for the rowing. Not the goal, the workout was FUCKING MISERABLE.

    SW – 8/6/4/3/3/1

    Bicep was bugging me so I tried a couple different grips trying to find something comfortable. I still have an issue going thumb under for strict stuff with left bicep. Just something to figure out.

    Cool Down – Check

    I’m getting some sleep and quality food in me tonight.

  21. JP: Done

    KBC: Done with 53#. 12/10, 9,/10,9/8

    WOD: 17:37 – rowing was weak, 90 singles, and was happy to use 115#, push pressed at least a couple

    CD: Done with 44#

  22. JP: done, and the sweaty aftermath did not bode well for the rest of the workout.

    KBC: 35# Didn’t count, just worked on good form, breathing.

    WOD: what a shit show. 19:52. Had to go down to 65# midway through round one cause it was clear I would get nowhere otherwise. 90 singles.

    Chest cold is still bringing me down. Also, carrying around a ton of stress, which ruins my sleep, etc. Need to remember to feed myself and eat better.

  23. mattbrenton Says:

    JP- done
    KBC with the 88#- kept it between 6-8 reps a minute.
    WOD- mule edition w/ Z and 135#. Don’t know my time, I think I started and ended about the same time as Joey… sooooo
    CD- done and out.

  24. I don’t know about everyone else who came to the BBQ yesterday, but I felt great today!…not. Rough day but feel a lot better after sweating some of the alcohol out.

    14:17 on the wod. I actually enjoyed this one for some reason.

  25. kbc: 53 Have not OCS kb so I went lighter then I should have. Next time I will definitely go heavier. It felt light. 13-15 reps a minute
    wod-8:36 Kept my transitions short. Happy with my rowing since I did not row a lot over the summer. Kept it 1:45-1:50 for the first 2 rounds and just over 1:50 for the third. Happy with my double knee bend on the lighter jerks. I have a tendency to push press lighter weight.
    CD: love me some strict pull ups!

  26. Carrie Winecoff Says:

    Kbc 53s with Emily. Didn’t count them
    Wod 12:12. Distracted. tough wod for a bad day.
    Pullups 8 sets

  27. JP: Done, but rested 1 min instead of 30 sec on accident until the last set.
    KBC: 53, 62, 62, didn’t count.
    WOD: Had a lot of trouble with this. DUs were not happening well the first two rounds – not used to doing them in lifts I guess – so I mixed in singles. Third round was actually ok. First round jerks at 115, next two at 95. I thought there were four rounds until I started rowing on the fourth one. Didn’t get the time, but was just glad to keep moving through it as best I could.
    CD; Done
    SW: 8, 6, 6, 3, 2.

  28. JP: Done
    KBC: 35#…didn’t count
    WOD: 14ish min….As most Mondays have gone lately, my legs and lower back are toast from my long run. 1st row was good, but other two were pretty weak.
    CD: Done

  29. Jp done
    KBC 53
    Wod 11:20
    Cd done

  30. Jp done
    KBC 44s, went lighter due to shoulder
    Wod 14:40… the hell. the first row was pretty sweet, then all down hill right after that. oh yea, and did not go down on weight like i probably should have. but my shoulder was feeling awesome… and still does.
    Cd done

  31. JP: Yes.

    KBC: 44#. Got 11 per side each round. Moved steady, breathing felt controlled.

    WOD: 15:56. Subbed 90 singles for DUs. Cursed Wes and whoever forced all those beers on me yesterday. Bletch.

  32. Brenden Loyer Says:

    jp yup.
    KBC. 70lb first time lc’ing with it about 8 reps each side first to rds. Then the bright idea of trying to “sprint” the last rd got about 15 on right and 13? on left…

    Wod: officially can say i dislike rowing when the dampener is @10 1:50 was about my average for the overall wod double unders were good and push jerks were a lil wonky with balance in the last set but overall not to bad 9:17.

    CD: arm bars are always sucky
    Pullups went ok 10, 5, 5, 5,

    did some kb work after a good amount of rest nicky and Z yet again found many many of flaws with my jerks, and rack holds. BUT it was good to learn to just those lil things helped

  33. Michelle B Says:

    Late entry: Yesterday was my first time back in over 3 weeks.

    I was successful at the warm up jog. That probably was the highlight of my performance.

    JP: 55# done

    KBC: 35# didn’t count reps just focused on breathing. Happy my hands didn’t tear.

    WOD: I basically couldn’t breath coming back from a respiratory sickness. I think I only did 2 rounds in the end. Since I was basically panic breathing I also did singles.

    CD: 26# arm bars

    SS: Went to do pull ups but the next class was starting and the only band available was black, which I am thankful was too bouncy. Took it as a sign to get out of the time and let 630 class have their glory.

  34. Late post
    Last day of intensive 1 arm bandit training prior to 1 hour LC.

    2 min. LC @ 88 w/ 4 min. break
    11, 9, 10
    1 min. LC sprint @ 88 w/ 3 min. break
    10, 9, 10

    With 8 minutes rest and I got this LC relay. I really wish I could see what I could do with both arms at this thing.

  35. JP: this was tiring, but good to work out form and loosen things up.
    \KBC: 35# R: 10, 10, 9 L: 8, 9, 9. Kept forgetting to go straight into left and lost time that way.

    WOD: 18:48. This WOD was important for me because it wasn’t too different from the Open WOD 3 (75# jerks). I was able to do all of my jerks in sets of 5. During the open I ended up resorting to cleaning and jerking every rep. A 500m row is more intense than box jumps and T2B, so I’m hoping I would be faster with the jerks and better at the workout. It was nice to measure progress though and see that I could stick with sets of 5. Still hard and still something to work on.

    Armbars: done

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