January 8th Deloading

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All I/C Tiers and Options

Joint Prep

3 Rounds

30 Second Table Top Stretch R/L
6 x KB WindMills 3R/3L (Light)
6 X KB OverHead Walking Lunge 3R/3L (same weight as WindMills)

*Not for time but form and movement


“7 and 7”

Perform 7 Sets of the following Complex at the same weight for all efforts

2 x Push press
5 x Front Squat

*Rest 60 Seconds Between Efforts

*List weight used and Results to comments


3 x 5-8 Strict Chinups
3 x 10 Ring Rows with a 1 Second Hold on top of Each Rep

*Perform each these as a Super Sets going 5-8 x Chins then directly into 10 x Ring Rows
*Post Results to comments

Cool Down

3 Minutes of Skipping Ropes

Transfer Complete

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The New Home of the I/C Training Log Program can be found by clicking on the following Link: http://www.ironclubtraininglog.com/


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If you are following our Program and wish to continue to do so please email me at oldcountrystrong@gmail.com for more information. You will be directed to a holder site for workouts while we finishing getting everything set up with the Clubs new Official home base Morgan Junction Crossfit. 

October 27th Deloading

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This will be the LAST official posted workout to this site before the Data transfer. During this Time you will need to have a password to gain access to a holder site where the Days program will be posted.

To Receive this password email me at oldcountrystrong@gmail.com. 

Joint Prep

Track inspired Workout


Run a 10k TT

Cool Down

Sit back and get ready for the next huge phase of everything to come


October 26th Deloading

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Joint Prep

Find the Heaviest two things you can carry



20 Burpees
Farmers Walk around the Block (about 700 meters)
20 Burpees

*Farmers walk is to be done with the heaviest shit you can carry. HEAVY AS YOU CAN CARRY…

*Post load and time to comment

Cool Down

Jog 800 Meters

Notes From Coach – Maybe today’s posted OC article will help clear up all this weeks workouts. The above is another one of my favorites by the way.

The end to the Biggest 10 days of my life
Old Country Strong: “Saying Goodbye in their own Way. Playing Outlawed tunes on Outlawed Pipes…”

October 25th Deloading

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Rest Day/Topic Day

And here it is…

RedNose Original

October 24th Deloading

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Joint Prep

3 x 30 Second Table Top Stretch R/L
3 x 30 Front Foot Plate Elevated Samson Stretch


Establish a 1rm Squat

*Post Results to comment

Cool Down

1k Row with No “Lay Back”

Notes from Coach – I just couldn’t help myself, why the hell not? No your not exactly at a peak portion of your cycle training to Max out on the Squat but this weeks a bit different so enjoy the Max Effort stuff while it lasts. 

More information on last weeks update about up coming structure changes to the training program
Old Country Strong: I/C Program Information Update